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Dental Health

Food for Dental Health

Healthy Food

Oral health care shouldn’t be confined to brushing twice a day and avoiding sugary food. Our experts at Dentzz say that in order to keep several oral problems such as plaque, gingivitis and periodontal disease at bay it is necessary to adopt healthier habits. Calcium and vitamin D play a vital role in supporting the structure and making your teeth and bones stronger. Both calcium and vitamin D can be easily found in several foods and including them in your diet can do wonders for your teeth.

Read on to find out what they are.


We have heard infinite stories about milk and its benefits all throughout our childhood. There’s a reason doctors and dentists recommend daily intake of milk. The high calcium and vitamin D content present in milk is essential for stronger bones and teeth.

Milk Products


Although eggs contain only a minor portion of vitamin D required by your body, they are one of the fastest ways to get it. Only eating egg whites and ignoring the yolk won’t help because all the vitamins are present in the yolk.


Citrus fruits like Oranges are packed with vitamin C which helps in keeping the gums healthy and the connective tissues strong.



Apart from supplying small amounts of vitamin D to your body, cheese also releases calcium in your mouth which protects your tooth enamel. However, ensure that you consume it in moderation.


Cranberries are rich in anthocyanins that interrupt the formation of oral bacteria before they turn into damaging plaque.


Vegans and lactose intolerant people can get their dose of calcium from Popeye’s favourite leafy vegetable. One serving of spinach can supply 25% of the total calcium required by your body in a day. Apart from calcium it is rich in iron, fiber and vitamin A.

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