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Deepak Tijori
I was so conscious of my smile earlier, until I got my teeth done with these Magicians - Dr Shantanu and Karishma. I am so much more confident and I smile with ease now.The ambience at Dentzz is very relaxing and soothing, with the soft music playing in the background, its almost like being in a lounge, whilst I am being grilled, with no pain.

Sayali Bhagat
I was always keen to do something new & trendy. Being a Miss India, World I had a great smile but wanted to enhance it further. Based on a few recommendations, I decided to get some cosmetic dental work from Dentzz. The doctors made me feel very comfortable and recommended the best treatment alternative for me.

Zoe Ashley
I found Dentzz very professional. I needed four fillings and these were done painlessely and efficiently. I was also given advice on future treatment. I can highly recommend receiving dental treatments here.

Deemi Maton
I am very happy with the current smile. I will just say the doctor is awesome, very helpful. Today what I got is a treasure for my entire life. So many many thanks to the doctor who made impossible and horrible smile to a beautiful smile. Thanks again.

Richard Stride
I found Dentzz very professional and thorough. I suspected I required a filling so had a check-up followed by a few fillings and cleaning. Although I had to have more cavities filled than I had thought I was very happy with the results. The staff are also friendly and happy to answer any extra questions.
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Hollywood Smile

Do you envy those gorgeous teeth and that broad smile of your favourite celebrity? A Hollywood smile that flashes those white pearly teeth and pink gums is something that many desire to achieve. If you are someone looking to get the flawless smile you deserve, then look no further. We at Dentzz Dubai, assure you of a Hollywood smile in Dubai that doesn’t just give you a better appearance but compliments your personality as well.

What is a Hollywood smile?

To elaborate, when a person’s teeth are perfectly aligned, well positioned and governed by the right proportions, then he/she is said to have the Hollywood smile. With a team of the best aesthetic dentists, Dentzz assures the best smile makeover with a combination of crowns, veneers, orthodontics, tooth whitening and other dental procedures in the following manner:

A Hollywood smile in orthodontics can be attained by correcting:

  • Misaligned teeth
  • Under bite wherein the lower teeth protrude forward than the upper teeth
  • Over bite wherein the upper teeth overlap the lower teeth
  • Overcrowding which occurs when there isn’t enough space for the growth of adult teeth
  • Other aesthetic problems

Crowns can be used to replace broken teeth or to realign crowded teeth. We at Dentzz, use only metal free ceramic crowns for anterior teeth which gives a metal- free and natural appearance.

A Hollywood smile in teeth whitening can be achieved by whitening discoloured and stained teeth.

Veneers to treat chipped and crooked teeth, gaps between teeth, adjusting proportions and similar aesthetic defects.

Depigmentation of gums that treats gums that are black or brown to produce pink and healthy looking gums.

Re-contouring of gums to correct uneven gums.

Re-contouring of teeth to alter the shape and size of teeth

Bonding to alter the dimensions and improve the appearance of the teeth.

Our dentists are trained to meticulously plan out the treatment procedures specific to each patient’s dental needs. A high degree of expertise and a track record of over 5000 cosmetic dentistry cases enables us to perform the most intricate procedures with confidence and achieve results that are aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Note that experiencing a few Hollywood Smile side effects after undergoing the procedure is common. For instance, your teeth may be sensitive to extreme temperatures and may pain while sipping hot or cold beverages after a veneer placement. With the availability of software precision manufactured veneer and dentists that come with years of experience, we ensure that the risks of the Hollywood smile dental procedure are minimized and the possibility of side effects is reduced to a large extent.

We at Dentzz Dubai, first assess the patient’s oral condition followed by educating the patient about his/her dental status using digital intra oral cameras. Our trained dentists then lay out a treatment plan, communicate the costs and the required duration. Undergoing a Hollywood smile procedure at Dentzz in Dubai starts with conceptualising and planning the design of your smile. Only when you are satisfied with the design, do we begin to perform the actual procedure. Our team of aesthetic dentists guarantee that the final appearance of your teeth comes closest to looking as natural as possible.

There are a few questions you can ask yourself to establish if you need a Hollywood smile. For instance:

  • Are there any gaps between your front teeth?
  • Do your gums appear red or inflamed?
  • Are your teeth stained or yellow?
  • Are your front teeth overlapping the lower teeth?
  • Are any of your teeth crooked?
  • Do you have any chipped teeth?
  • Are your teeth uneven?

After assessing yourself, if you are looking to get a Hollywood smile in the UAE, contact our nearest clinic and get an appointment right away. Dentzz Dubai is the most preferred dental clinic for several VIPs, celebrities and diplomats. You too can get the exclusive experience at all our clinics which offer a soothing ambience, world class infrastructure and handpicked dentists.

Witness the incredible transformation of our patients who opted for the smile makeover at our clinic by viewing the Hollywood smile before and after photos below


Teeth whitening procedures

For teeth whitening in Dubai, our dentists first examine your teeth, and strip it clean of bacteria and food substances that might have gathered on it. A protective gel or rubber shield is put on your gums to protect them throughout the procedure. The bleach or the whitening agent will be applied on your teeth. The teeth will then be treated by a laser light, which will activate the agent.

Since the results are seen over a period of time, our dentists might suggest multiple visits to check the progress. You might also need to continue the process at home. A custom mouthpiece will be made after the dentist takes impressions of your upper and lower teeth. The dentist will provide you with a whitening gel, which you fill inside the mouthpiece and use for several hours during the day.

There are two kinds of teeth whitening procedures – vital and non-vital whitening. You can opt for both types of teeth whitening in Dubai.

Vital whitening is performed on the teeth with live nerves. Teeth which have been treated with root canals will no longer have a live nerve and will be treated with non-vital whitening. Vital whitening cannot work on a rooted tooth, where the stain might be coming from the inside. In that case, the dentist will place a whitening agent on the inside of the tooth and cover it with a temporary filling to whiten it from the inside.

After care for teeth whitening

After the teeth whitening procedure, you might experience sensitivity in your gums or hyper sensitivity to cold and hot foodstuff in your teeth. This is because the peroxide from the whitener gets from the enamel to the nerve of your tooth, irritating it. Although these side effects are temporary, you can alleviate them by either using sensitivity toothpaste for brushing or by postponing the whitening treatment for a while.

To keep the effects of teeth whitening for a long time, you can practice oral hygiene by brushing twice a day and go for regular dentist visits. You can opt for drinking stain causing beverages and sugary drinks through a straw to minimize their contact with your teeth. Contact us at Dentzz and book an appointment for teeth whitening in Dubai.

Dentzz is member of American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
Member of American Academy of Implant Dentistry
Dentzz Smile Care Expert for Miss Universe India 2016

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