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Brett Lee
'Been blown away by how professional it is, the cleanliness, everything is sterilized. It's a wonderful centre. It's been a lot of fun to see the quality and the first class way that I have been treated.'

Deepak Tijori
I was so conscious of my smile earlier, until I got my teeth done with these Magicians - Dr Shantanu and Karishma. I am so much more confident and I smile with ease now.The ambience at Dentzz is very relaxing and soothing, with the soft music playing in the background, its almost like being in a lounge, whilst I am being grilled, with no pain.

Sayali Bhagat
I was always keen to do something new & trendy. Being a Miss India, World I had a great smile but wanted to enhance it further. Based on a few recommendations, I decided to get some cosmetic dental work from Dentzz. The doctors made me feel very comfortable and recommended the best treatment alternative for me.

Zoe Ashley
I found Dentzz very professional. I needed four fillings and these were done painlessely and efficiently. I was also given advice on future treatment. I can highly recommend receiving dental treatments here.

Deemi Maton
I am very happy with the current smile. I will just say the doctor is awesome, very helpful. Today what I got is a treasure for my entire life. So many many thanks to the doctor who made impossible and horrible smile to a beautiful smile. Thanks again.

Richard Stride
I found Dentzz very professional and thorough. I suspected I required a filling so had a check-up followed by a few fillings and cleaning. Although I had to have more cavities filled than I had thought I was very happy with the results. The staff are also friendly and happy to answer any extra questions.
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Assess your smile

Here is a simple questionnaire to make it easier for you to decide whether you actually need a smile enhancement procedure. Stand in front of the mirror, observe your smile and answer these simple questions.

  • Are your two upper front teeth too long or too wide?
  • Do you observe any spaces between your front teeth?
  • Do you notice any stains on your teeth?
  • In a broad smile, are any of your teeth of a different color?
  • Are any of your front teeth overlapping each other?
  • Do any of your front teeth ‘stick out’?
  • Are your lower six front teeth crooked and uneven in appearance?
  • If there are any fillings in your front teeth, are they of a different colour than your natural teeth?
  • Do your crowns / fillings / laminates look artificial?
  • When you smile broadly, do you feel that too much of your gums show?
  • Do you see or feel a ‘V’ like erosion on the necks of any of your teeth?
  • Do your gums curve around your teeth in any other shape than a ‘half moon shape’?
  • Do you feel your gums are red and swollen?
  • Do you get conscious while smiling naturally or while smiling for photographs for any reason?
  • Do you feel your smile appears unaesthetic for any other reason?

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