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Dentzz Dental care centre in Mumbai

Our exceptional dental services and years of experience have won us the title of one of the leading dental clinics in Mumbai. This journey wasn’t easy, we know that dental treatments are a nightmare for most people. Therefore, at Dentzz, we have always aimed towards warding off this fear and making every treatment big or small a pleasant experience. This is only possible when the patients are placed in good hands. Our screening process is strict and only the top dentists in Mumbai become a part of our expert panel. We have had patients visiting us not only from Mumbai but also from various other international locations to receive expert dental care in Mumbai.

Thanks to affordable dental implant cost in Mumbai, the city has become a major hub for dental tourism in India. Getting dental treatment along with the opportunity to explore a new city attracts patients from world over. Each year our dental surgeons successfully treat several patients from across the globe, especially, the USA and UK. Whether it’s an orthodontic treatment or cosmetic dentistry our skilled dental doctors are always at your service.

You will only believe it when you experience it, so visit us at one of our conveniently located clinics mentioned below!


Dentzz – Dental Care Centre (Andheri)

206, 2nd Floor,
Kotia Nirman Estate,
Andheri Link Road,
Andheri (West),

Mumbai, India.  

Dentzz – Dental Care Centre (Bandra)

12, 2nd Floor,
Shyam Vihar Co-op Housing Society,
Above Nike Showroom,
Linking Road, Bandra (West),
Mumbai (Bombay), India

9- 9A, 1st Floor,
Delstar CHS,
Kemps Corner Bridge,

Mumbai - 400036 India  

Dentzz – Dental Care Centre (Mulund)

S 214, 2nd Floor,
Nirmal Lifestyle Mall,
L.B.S. Marg,
Mulund (West),
Mumbai (Bombay), India.


No matter which treatment you are seeking, all our centres are equipped with world class facilities to offer unparalleled services such as:

Teeth bleaching

It is difficult to get rid of tough stains through simple teeth whitening procedures, especially, those that haven’t received any cleaning in a long time and have turned brown in colour. Although there are several over the counter teeth bleaching products, it is recommended to get it done under expert supervision. Our dentist will only suggest teeth bleaching after thoroughly examining the condition of your teeth.

Teeth whitening

Heavy smokers and those who consume tea, coffee and other beverages frequently are at a higher risk of developing discoloured teeth. However, at Dentzz these stains can be easily removed in one visit. We also offer a 45 minute instant tooth whitening procedure that will last for two years. If you’re looking for an instant and cost effective tooth whitening procedure, book an appointment today.

Actual photograph of a whitening case performed at Dentzz



Dental implants

Dental implants are one of the most preferred solutions for missing teeth. It can easily accommodate a denture, bridge or crown on a single or multiple teeth. When it comes to dental implants at Dentzz we only use implant systems that are globally recognized, such as, Biohorizons, Zimmer, Nobel Biocare and Xive among others. Get an amazing smile with our dental implants that can last up to 20 years with proper care.

Cosmetic dentistry

Perfect teeth are a rarity but they can be easily attained through a smile makeover or cosmetic dentistry. If you don’t like the current condition of your teeth because it is crooked, discoloured or disproportionate then cosmetic dentistry is the answer to your problem. Visit our clinic and let our dentist decide whether you need one or not.

Dental bridge

When more than one tooth is missing, a dentist will often recommend a dental bridge instead of an implant after examining your teeth. A bridge has two crowns at the end of each side that are placed evenly with the natural teeth to give you that perfect smile. Dental bridges may last up to 5 to 7 years with good oral hygiene and regular cleaning.

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